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Falbo Bros Pizzeria – Our Story

deep dish pepperoni pizza

Falbo Bros Pizzeria opened for business August 1, 1992 in Madison, Wisconsin. The Pizzeria was brought to life by two University of Wisconsin students who wanted to create a better tasting pizza. The word quickly spread and Falbo Bros has grown from one location, to stores in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Texas.

Our focus has always been on using high quality ingredients and combining them with our traditional pizza technique. We only use stone deck ovens powered by flames, not conveyor belts, and our sauce and pizza dough are made from scratch. Our pizzas are handmade, recipes are passed down, and ingredients prepared by hand, not a machine. We put the extra time and effort into crafting our delicious pizza, and we think you will notice the difference.

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Our New Website Address is falbopizza.com