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Why Falbo Bros?

Falbo Bros brings a different perspective to the pizza franchising industry. First of all, our pizza is unique, as are our concepts. Our main focus will always be quality and we cannot emphasize this enough. Each of our current locations emphasize quality first. Falbo Bros’ goal is to expand to 50 stores by 2020. It is an exciting time to get in the ground floor of a unique business concept.

What are the franchise fees?

Because we are currently a smaller operation (when compared to a Papa John’s) we do not have a large franchise fee. Our franchise fee is based on the actual costs incurred by Falbo Bros Pizzeria Inc. to help you get started. Right now, with legal fees, travel, etc. the cost is $10K-$15K.

What are the startup costs?

Between $80,000-$200,000 depending mostly on the build out costs. Your startup costs depend primarily upon the size, condition, and location selected for the Falbo Bros Pizzeria.

What is the royalty fee?

5%, but not initially. We want you to succeed and we know that in the beginning costs are higher and sales are lower so the fee gradually increases over the first 12 months, topping out at 5%. This fee is the lowest in the business.

Where are locations available?

In all 50 states.

Does Falbo Bros help me with site selection? Equipment? Build out?

Absolutely. We will be there every step of the way to get your pizzeria started. We will help with site selection, equipment, staff training, suppliers, licenses, permits, store design, and store opening.

Does Falbo Bros provide ongoing support?

We are always here to help. Directly on staff we have a Director of Operations and Marketing Manager to help the store owners succeed. Most franchisees are very good business people who take pride in accomplishing things on their own. However, we have the experience to make sure your operation runs smoothly and if there are ever any questions to be answered feel free to ask. We will not dictate how you run your day to day operation, but will provide certain guidelines to follow.

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